One Dev. — Two Simulations

“Never start a journey unless you’re committed to a better start today than yesterday.” — Self quote

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I’m starting my day with a bunch of routine checkpoints.

  • Hit the buzzer?! [✓] Check!

  • Say a prayer?! [✓] Check!!

  • Hit the gym?! [✓] Double check!!!

  • Shower, breakfast? Shower, mirror, breakfast?! [✓] Double check!!!!

It’s a walk down the park and a stroll to the play field and them punk police won’t stop trying to get a dollar off you but, show goes down and you’re outta there in no time like the gypsies.

Checkmate 1 👾

Simulation Two

Basically a new type of journey, except now you’re stuck in front of that display as the frames glide pass you in what feels like trying to capture a second in forever, and only this time, it's no better to get lost in the trill while some other guys on the protocol ping you to checkmate. And… action!

Don’t worry, I skipped all the important parts, like the time it took you to setup a server or the rains won’t just let you get on the right frequency. It’s just part of being in the product release team.

So now I’m maxed out! I need a reload — or a couple cowboys come running through my barn like mama’s boy while I stay paying my own bills.

— Oh! What, you thought you had a new rap lord?

Checkmate 2 👾👾

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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