Strategy101 — A Word on Diversity

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Don’t get it twisted

It’s 2020 and I’m going through digital innovation courses across hosted platforms, right after a couple hell years of hosting events around tech communities and building strategies for learning in the local city of Aba, Nigeria. Today, however, I explore those interests in an adventurous way, like exchanging insights for funds through legitimized channels, or developing software for programming and academic purposes.

Throughout this entire episode, one word presents itself as a benchmark for the successful execution of projects in the modern world. Coupled with the spin-off on global targets, #Inclusion has been on the lips of everybody in the tech industry for quite some time, so it only makes sense that I have my fair share of a bite on this trend — .

Fast-forward now, the new approach to learning introduces best experience networks, urban tools, and modern technological frameworks across global targets. The new approach to learning doesn’t include geographical location or line of work as a requisite for accessing information on network supported learning unless agreed upon by an explicit authority.

When I mention Inclusion as a trend, I tend to identify every person subject to this change. Our ability to be purposeful is a natural exhibition of character and personnel, to take advantage of development practices and put them to good use is a trend, so I talk of diversity as a whole new world of multipurpose and accessibility to various tools and services. In the real world, getting this message across to you took the effort of a hundred developers across multiple time zones working different shifts and using numerous frameworks.

The differences in the tools and services needed to achieve this is the reason why inclusion has become the best approach. Key facts are presented here:

  • Quality code promoting diversity of ideas and inspiration.

  • Best approach to learning by competing one another in providing exemplary services in the open.

  • Best-in-class marketing by delivering quality to multiple divisions at once.

  • Multiple support programs for best-in-class users and developers across other time zones.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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