The Wetland Ecosystem Service in Nigeria

Ecosystem services are naturally occurring processes that help to regulate the cycle of nature and maintain balance in the ecosystem.

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Some of the most important ecosystem services in my local community are the coastal wetlands that naturally help to control flooding and the rich rain-forest vegetation that helps to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gasses and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

The wetlands found in the coastal regions of Nigeria have been very important in the control of floods although the people did not recognize this and started sand filling these areas for development. In Lagos state, for example, most of the expensive residential quarters are actually land-filled thereby reducing available wetlands in the region. Over the years, flooding has become an increasing problem in the state with higher records for every subsequent flood.

On the other hand, subsistence farming and overgrazing on some portions of land have left the land bare and prone to erosion and landslide. Desert encroachment and urbanization are also major contributors to the significant loss of forest vegetation. The environment in urban areas is becoming increasingly contaminated by industrial waste with a high record of health-related problems caused by pollution. Government sanctions on indiscriminate building on wetlands and the one man one tree initiative are positive steps towards protecting whatever is left of our depleting environmental resources.

We should begin to understand how certain things we would normally take for granted are becoming increasingly important. Nowadays, not just the government, but every individual must play an active role in protecting and conserving significant biomes like this, for a safer world.

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