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*Ultracogence, established 2020.

Since 2017, I’ve been spending my active hours engaging with people and projects that are directly impacting and promoting computing education primarily in the city of Aba, Nigeria, and it has, for the most part, been one of the most rewarding investments I have made on myself.

Taking advantage of available opportunities, I love to explore trending developer tools and resources from around the world for both personal and professional reasons and then, through partnerships and collaborations with both local and international tech firms and developer communities, network and share my experience with some of the most amazing minds in the industry on numerous occasions where we have been able to convert knowledge of these tools into working prototypes that target existing local problems. This intrinsically motivated advocacy for innovative technology has now birthed within me a knack for crafting next-generation community-centered learning and work experiences that will inspire others to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies in building outstanding solutions to indigenous challenges.

Then, to get a good attempt at doing better for the new decade, I was encouraged to take a time-off throughout the later part of 2019 which was, by the way, just what I needed…

Introducing The Yonder Hacks Experience

Fast forward 2020, I am now interested in making a new attempt at sparking up more creativity within the city, working closely once more with communities around to kick start a learning adventure centered around exploring technologies and digital learning resources for prototyping and product development and drawing support from internationally recognized computing firms. This project is designed to assist people in coming up with hackable ideas and transforming them into working prototypes by complementing boot camps and other intensive programs where the capabilities of many relevant technologies are fully experienced hands-on.

It is in my best interest that, by being part of tweaking the present-day learning experience through technology awareness, we can have more people here rapidly transcend from just accessing developer tools and resources from halfway across the world to building viable products that will reciprocatively make a valuable impact on the learning adventures and work experience of others in any region of the world because, more than ever, we have every reason to expect the emergence of many more exclusive hacks and innovations that will provide sustainable solutions to existing problems and create more opportunities for exploring the possibilities of what life has to offer beyond what is obtainable today.

Ultracogence, hereby, envelops this clearly defined approach towards improving the traditional, inspirational artistry in our local maker community with due respect to our positively diverse, yet inclusive cultural heritage just by keeping our activities simplified. In essence, we hope to be part of building and celebrating next-generation digital innovations through byte-sized, occasional learning experiences crafted to aid the scale-up and exit of local enterprises and startups, thanks to outstanding initial support from the amazing friends at Raspberry Pi Foundation and the incredible team at RAD5 Tech Hub.

Looking forward to networking, brainstorming, and hacking with great minds once again. See you around.

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